"Discover What Kind Of Online Behavior Has A Harmful Effect On Your Teens Mental Health"
"The TRUTH about how To Have An Online Safe And Happy Teen... even if you believe Your Teen Is Unwilling To Speak To You Regarding Possible Mental Health Problems! "
"I caught my teenage daughter SEXTING and it rocked my whole world."

From Wout Otte

Dear parent,

I am Wout Otte, father to four of the best kids (ranging from 16 to 40 years of age).
I think I am a good parent but, like many parents, a very hard-working one. Because of that, I struggled for 30 years to balance my career, family time, and raising my children. I have experience with all the stages of Child Development (even with my daughter giving birth to her daughter — YES — I am a granddad!). My experience is that the adolescent stage is the most challenging phase to remain connected with your child.

I have a perfect family, but it wasn’t always a happy family. We had to deal with drug addiction, while two kids suffer from depression and low self-esteem (later I discovered that being bullied was probably one of the main reasons), and we had a daughter who sexted.

Me and my youngest son on holiday in England
My youngest son and me on holiday trying to move the rocks!

Five years ago, I realized that my young children needed me to prevent them from becoming a victim of cyberbullying, sexting or an online predator.

I decided to change my life entirely. I quit my job and started educating myself; focusing my work on “how can I (we) stay connected with my kids in the adolescence stage and prevent horrible events from occurring because of how much time we spend online.” With a background in troubleshooting, I knew it was possible to find a way to help your children, even in the adolescent stage.

I began my research and discovered that a tremendous amount of information was available on the internet regarding topics like cyberbullying, depression, social media, and mental health

I read up on studies and researched good internet behavior and the psychology of talking to young kids and teens about it in the right way.

I had the power to communicate and teach them in ways that would be comfortable for THEM and ME…

And I finally formulated a way to help them develop good internet behavior and even limit their screen time without any punishments. I soon saw results with my own children, and I was relieved to see them being good digital citizens!

"When Teens of Hard Working Parents  Have Online Behavior Problems, Here's What Parents Do ... Fast!
Get exclusive access to valuable parenting lessons with Ebooks, Ecourses, videos, and articles…

Introducing our influencer makes your teens naturally aware of the dangerous things that can happen while they are online…

Having the ability to monitor whether your teen is becoming a victim of an online danger without having to snoop around. By teaching them to be on the lookout for online predators and scams…

And help them learn to take responsibility for their online activities and be proactive regarding their privacy.
The best part of this program? You can start it, and we implement the training -- no pressure on you or your teens!

"Teens Happiness And Online Safety" Blueprint
"This Is What  You Get With Teens Happiness And Online Safety" Blueprint!


Let me introduce our influencer Tim (Value $299/hour) . Tim is not alone, It's a team of teenagers with knowledge of how your teen can stay safe online. They have ongoing communication with tips and tricks to overseeing your teens' online safety

Members Area "The Family Hub"

Member site (value $120) Get 1 year free access to literature with details concerning important subjects like cyberbullying, online predators, phishing, and accidentally downloading malware.


Social Media And The Impact On Your Teens Mental Health. (Value $99)
This Guide makes it easy to Understand in a better way your teen and the possible negative effects of being all the time online checking social media., be confident that your teen is telling you the truth regarding negative effects of her or his online behavior , and talk openly with your teens regarding their online behavior .


The Teen Protection Blueprint (Value $127)
This Ebook makes it easy to understand the online world of your teen, better discuss with your teen their online world and the possible dangers, and communicate with your teen regarding the online world.


Keeping your kids Safe online  (Value $39)
This Ebook makes it easy to implement together the quick wins to get your teen safe online, stop worrying about their online safety, and be confident that your teen is safe online.


Risk Report  (Value $99)
This report will teach the average person how to be safe, as well as to indentify what the possible risks are, when your teen is online.

Email Support

Receive ongoing emails with reports overseeing your child’s online safety in a respectful but comprehensive fashion

Harmful Posts and Anxiety

Find out about how the dangers of the Internet can potentially affect your teen’s mental health, and the content sharing that can come back to haunt them later, with topics like anxiety, low self-esteem and depression

Instructional Videos

Exclusive first-hand guidance from Internet safety experts who have seen everything and are eager to share their knowledge for your teen’s benefit.

"This Is Why Your Children Are Prone To Become Victims Of Online Dangers"

We’ve all heard of the saying “Mother (and father) knows best”…

Many of the parenting methods you had learned and are using on them may not be as effective today thanks to ever-changing circumstances…

And your teens might not be able to appreciate the way a parenting lesson is delivered as much as you did back in the day…

You snoop around and constantly invade your teen’s privacy, intentionally or unintentionally, and it makes them feel they can’t trust you.
To cut it short, it’s time to throw out the old ways of getting your teen to understand the possible dangers, especially with online activities and behavior.

No more unnecessary negative reinforcement or snooping around just to learn about what your kids are up to online…

This time, you can be confident you can make your kids naturally aware of the dangers of the internet…

Parents will always look out for their children’s wellbeing and will do almost anything to protect them…

But, sometimes, our methods can be a little bit outdated and can spark misunderstandings.

Kids of today are NOT the same as us when we were their age…
Thanks to technological advancements that have been with them since the day they were born.

"Let them know you’ve got their back!."

During these uncertain times with the Corona Virus pandemic and families
in quarantine to avoid exposure, it’s no wonder that most of us spend more 
time on our devices than anything else.  Right?

That’s totally understandable!

So with the Corona virus dilemma aside, what concerns me the most is how our 
Teens are no longer experiencing real traditional childhood and, instead, they are
 stuck online interacting with the whole world!

Whilst this may have some benefits, this also means they are missing out in a lot of 
developmental opportunities that we as parents got to experience as children.

This is really BAD news!

The sad truth is that this makes them so vulnerable and makes them targets to 
predators of all kinds.

Cyber Bullying, gaming addiction (and the rest) is no laughing matter!

 And you agree that their attitude can turn ugly when they are challenged about it?

The good news is that there are quick wins to reduce screen time.

If it was already bad before this crisis, then it’s only going to get worse as 
your child spends more time indoors and, ultimately, interacting online.

Gone are the days where the parent’s worst nightmares about their children and 
tweens was catching them smoking behind their parent’s backs or illegally drinking
alcohol at parties and getting into fights.

But did you know that gaming addiction and cyberbulling is just as real, and if not,  
just as bad?

Not only is this addiction to the online world a problem, it makes children, 
tweens and teens much more vulnerable to predators who pose as others of 
their own age group and can keep this up for weeks and months before they strike!

And let’s not get started with uncensored photos … could they be circulating around
the internet and dark web?

If you do nothing, this will continue and who knows how bad your child and
home life could get?

"It’s so scary when you know something is up with your child, yet they won’t
open up to you about what is really going on."

It hurts really bad, but think about how much your child is going through?

Sadly, we see cases like this every day.

You know they keep very ‘secretive’ about what they do online, right?

 Well the GOOD NEWS is that this is totally workable.

See for yourself these success stories on have many children, especially teens,
have made a complete U-turn on being a victim of online abuse.

This has helped ease depression for many young lives and has resulted in
Win-win situation for al, without getting into deadlock.
Did you know that 90% of teens on social media have ignored bullying if
they’ve seen it, and one-third have been victims themselves?

If this hasn’t hit home, I don’t know what will before it becomes uncontrollable!

"Be A Happy Parent With Happy Teens Without Clamming Up Or Feel Like Your Teens Privacy Is Being Intruded Upon !"

"Learn How To Keep Your Teen Safe Online Reducing The Risks Of Negative Effects On Their Mental Health ... Guaranteed!"

What is even scarier is the fact that in 2019 alone, 55.1% of tweens and 67.1%
of teens
engaged in conversations about depression, from mild pessimism to
talking about or planning to attempt suicide!

The sad fact is that suicide is the second-leading cause of death for ages 10-24.

"1 in 10 high school girls will attempt suicide."

"Teens Happiness And Online Safety Blueprint!"
Why won’t they let you into their issue?

They think you won’t ‘Get it’ or they simply won’t let you into their world.

When in fact in their mind they are terrified about what is going,
or they are confused; perhaps it’s both.
"How To Be A Happy Parent With Happy Teens In As Little As Within 5 Weeks... even if It Is Difficult To Speak With Your Teen About Their Risk Of Being Online All The Time! "
Just imagine being able to go back to having a more fulfilling home
Life with your child and the rest of your family?

You’ve already seen the results for yourself…

And I'm on a mission to help YOU experience the life changing benefits of The Teens Online Safety Training.

All you have to do is say YES..

You do not need to deal with this alone.
See how you can turns things round so you can all return to living a  peaceful life.

Nothing will change unless you do something about it.
Many parents have had success with this successful training.

"Here's Exactly What You're Going To Get With The "Teens Happiness And Online Safety" Blueprint!
For Only $7
Yes... for about the price of $7, you can get access to a program that took me $100.000 to create... 

"How To See My Teenager Online Behavior Is Safe And Respectfull To Others In As Little As 5 Weeks"
In fact...
"Here's The Perfect Solution If You Want To See A Happy Teenager What You Understand"
Your teen use it to be safe online and happy. Everything you can dream of, like your teen:
  • ​Being Positive, Creative, High-Energy, & Motivated
  • ​​Reducing Stress
  • ​Eliminating Anxiety
  • Removing Fear From Their Life
  • ​Creating Massive Impact In Their Life And People Around You
  • ​Improving Their Relationships
  • ​Treating Others The Way You’d Like To Be Treated
  • ​They Always Think Carefully About What They Post
  • ​Avoiding Posting Sensitive Information
  • ​Start Seeing Positive Results And Notice Incredible Changes When You Apply What You’re About To Learn As Fast As 5 Weeks
We are reviewed by US experts and non-commercial people.
The blueprint finds its origin in Europe but is by American Experts renewed in a 100% USA-made blueprint! The Dutch government funds us, so you know you can trust us.

Casestudy Jeroen, a strong defender in a soccer team...
"Why is my child bullied?"
One of my hobbies is soccer. I am the coach of a team of U17 boys. One of the boys, Jeroen, a strong defender in the team, was a little shy and quiet, and I saw that the other boys sometimes made fun of him. When I spoke to his mother about it, she told me that Jeroen had suffered from classmates’ bullying since he began high school. I told her about my program and that it would probably help him. Jeroen (and his mother) started the program; I didn’t do much because honestly, it was my first test case outside of my family and friends

Jeroen was a strong kid, but because of his reserved nature, he was easy prey for his classmates.

In our program, there is a framework of how to stop bullying. Jeroen (and his parents) followed this framework, and the bullying stopped and because the bullying stopped, Jeroen became a more confident, happy teenager.

I was very confident that it would help Jeroen because two of my children were bullied in the past, and they found a way to stop the bullies.

Soon, I began to see some changes in Jeroen’s behavior. At the end of the season, I could already see that he was a happier person and a stronger defender. His mother came to me with a big box of my favorite chocolates, “For you, because you changed his life!” The greatest compliment I could get!

Jeroen stopped the bullying and became a happy teenager.
Another Casestudy Frank Mullen California
His daughter felt alone
Via Instagram (The HappyparentsQuotes), I saw this method of online safety of Teens.
Although I thought it wasn't the problem, I was interested in the blueprint. Special when I saw that an essential topic of the blueprint was the mental health concerns of adolescents. My teenage girl was suffering from loneliness. One of the first things I learned was that Symptoms of mental disorders are relatively common among adolescents, which was true long before mobile phones were placed in their hands.
The information I found on the website was more than recognizing the signs; the so-called framework did teach us how to escape from the negative spiral of loneliness, anxiety, and depression to a more or less happy teenage girl. Maybe it was also her new boyfriend that helped :-).
When You Get Your Copy Of "Teens Happiness And Online Safety" Blueprint (For Just $7)
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Bonus #1 The power of Mindfulness Package
"Your Mind Is More Powerful Than You Realize"
Total Value: $297
This package (Ebook, Checklist, and Mindmap) makes it easy to give your teen a tool that they can use to not only calm their thoughts and escape the stressors of the day but also reflect on the contents of their mind in the interests of self-improvement, simply get some peace and quiet by calming their mind and taking a time out, and control their thoughts and thereby to decide how they want to improve themselves and what they want to focus on. (Of course, you also can use it.)
Get This For FREE When You Order 'Teens Happiness And Online Safety Blueprint' Today! 
Bonus #2 Attitude For Gratitude Package
"Do You Want Your Teen To Be Happier And More Resilient To The Challenges Of Life?"
Total Value: $299
With this Package (Ebook, Checklist and Mindmap), Gratitude will make your teen more optimistic and happier in their life.

With the power of the Law of Attraction they can use their shift to gratitude to send the right signals to the Universe and get more of what your teen desire.
Get This For FREE When You Order 'Teens Happiness And Online Safety Blueprint' Today! 
Bonus #3 Peaceful Chaos Package
"Are your teen  experiencing anxiety? Having difficulty managing their emotions?"
Total Value: $299
With this package, your teen learn How to Master Their Emotions and Eliminate Anxiety
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Bonus #4 Surviving a Pandemic Bundle
"Pandemic? It’s Not The End Of The World"
Total Value: $29
Package to protect your loved ones from panicking if you or a loved one is infected or told to self-isolate. You can achieve this by being prepared before the pandemic starts and by understanding that you are not the only one affected.
Get This For FREE When You Order 'Help Your Teen Being Happy And Online Safe' Today! 
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There’s absolutely ZERO risk when you sign up for Teens Happiness And Online Safety Bleuprint
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Here's One Last Recap Of Everything You'll Get today When You Order My Teens Happiness And Online Safety Blueprint.
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You Really Only Have 3 Options...

You could leave this page. But after what you’ve just discovered about the dangers of the Internet… I’d be surprised if you make that choice. Besides, you will end up with the same worries and concerns about your teen’s safety.

You could go off and try to piece together different courses, material and guides and go in blindly without knowing exactly how to protect your teen when they are online.

You can decide RIGHT NOW that you want to unlock proven methods of building safe browsing habits for your teen and raising them to be good Netizens and get the TheTeens Happiness And Online Safety Blueprint to start learning the RIGHT way TODAY.

Thanks again,
Wout Otte
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